How Do Closed-Minds Make Discussions Difficult? : Five Factors

How Closed - Minds Make Discussions Challenging?: 5 Factors

How Closed - Minds Make Discussions Challenging?: 5 Factors

Although our country and the rest of the globe would gain immensely from more efforts to use common sense to achieve a meeting of the minds for the common good, we seldom see such initiatives! Although we have certainly always seen some degree of this politicized, polarizing, and dividing conduct, in the last few years, it has happened at a level not seen in recent memory! Probably the most serious, troubling difficulty confronting our nation now is the fact that there are so many persons, on all sides of the political spectrum, who operate with an inflexible, closed-mind! With that in mind, this essay will aim to summarize, investigate, evaluate, and explain five critical aspects that contribute to this sort of behavior and inflexibility.

1. It seems as if facts are irrelevant!

While everyone of us has the right to our own ideas, we do not have the right to our own set of facts! When a senior spokesman for the previous President referred to Trump's version as "Alternative Facts," those of us who prefer accurate facts to biased - views found this alarming! When Donald Trump, his apparent political flock, and his core followers concentrate on conspiracy theories rather than reality/facts, it isn't helpful!

2. Personal preferences/opinions are equated with actual facts!

Although Trump dubbed the results of the recent election "The Steal," despite the fact that over 60 lawsuits/ challenges and numerous recounts (all of which indicated a fair election), Trump continues to stir the pot, which appeared to enable/ entitle, many of those who stormed the Capitol on January 6th. We continue to experience this via the remarks made by so many Republican Representatives and Senators who continue to believe that the election was not genuine! Bear in mind that this is done with no evidence at all, and yet these fervent supporters equate their ideas and desired outcomes with actual facts!

3. Inability to listen:

When we speak to, rather than to, others, and are unwilling to listen to, differing opinions and perspectives, and there appears to be little effort made to reach, any pragmatic compromise toward a meeting - of - the - minds, it divides, rather than unites us, even when we face time-sensitive crises!

4. Will not investigate data (particularly if it contradicts their perspective):

If more of us made our own judgments/ decisions based on the actual data, rather than a partisan individual interpretation, we would increase the likelihood of better, well-considered planning, rather than closed - minded, opinions based on bias, prejudice, fear, hatred, and/ or personal/ political agendas, and/ or self-interest!

5. Mind - closed:

Quality judgments are never made by persons who have closed minds who are reluctant or unable to engage in a conversation based on facts rather than just positions/opinions!

Closed - minds are the enemy of having successful talks and accomplishing tasks, particularly those involving the public forum! Will you make a concerted effort to listen and continue with an open - mind?

Richard has founded companies, served as a COO, CEO, Director of Development, and consultant for four decades. He has professionally managed events, advised thousands, led personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns. Rich is the author of three books and tens of thousands of articles. Visit the website at and LIKE the common sense Facebook page at


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