How to Market on Facebook Live

How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing

How to Use Facebook Live for Marketing

There are several methods to advertise your company using Facebook Live. As you go through these suggestions, it's probable that you'll think of other approaches. When you do have ideas, jot them down in a file so you may experiment with them.

Conduct a Customer Survey

Begin by going live and inviting your consumers to do the same in your group or on your page. Inform them that you're interested in hearing how they utilize your product or service and how it's impacted their lives or businesses. This is an excellent method for obtaining testimonials that may potentially go viral. Whichever live receives the most likes is the winner.

Organize a Round Table Discussion with a Panel of Experts

Invite some subject-matter experts and conduct a round table discussion. Allow viewers to submit questions in advance so that they may be included even if they see the recorded version. Then invite the panel to provide their opinion on the subject. You might have a large number of questions or only one, weekly or monthly.

Host a Question and Answer Session

You may go live at any time and allow others to ask you questions live. You may notify your audience by email and announcement, or you may schedule the Facebook Live in advance, but you may also conduct it last minute.

Create Group-Specific Content

A simple method to make the most of Facebook Live is to produce material only for your private group. Announce it on your website and promote it through your email lists and blog - but make it clear that they must join the group or membership to access the material. You may even use this as a secondary source of income.

Share a Day in the Life with Others

You get four hours to stream, which allows you to hold a working session in which you work live in front of an audience. During the live broadcast, you may discuss what you're doing, demonstrate what you're doing, show your screen, and so on.

Host an Open-House Live Critique Session

This will work for a variety of different specialties, including marketing gurus, content creators, logo designers, and coaches. Invite someone to sit on the hot seat and be criticised for something that, in most cases, you can change if they employ you.

Conduct Consistent Training

You may instruct others using Facebook Live. It makes no difference whether you're knitting, developing spreadsheets, cutting hair, doing cosmetics, or cooking. Consider the skills you possess that are relevant to your audience and demonstrate how to do them.


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