13 Trends and Opportunities in Social Media for 2021

 13 Trends and Opportunities in Social Media for 2021

Today's Social Media Marketing Trends: Everything You Need to Know!

13 Social Media Trends and Opportunities for 2021

Since the COVID pandemic assault, the social media world has erupted with activity, and social media trends for 2021 have changed. While this is a wonderful time, it may also be daunting. You must understand how these changes impact your business—and how to use them to enhance your marketing approach.

As a result, we're venturing into the digital realm to assist you in comprehending the social media trends and possibilities for 2021. Let us begin!

1. Establish a Relationship Through Live Streaming

Humans need connectivity for personal and professional reasons. When they are unable to do so face to face, technology is more than willing to step in and fill the void. Fortunately, social media's new trends have stepped in to save the day during this epidemic. Live streaming, an increasingly popular media in 2020, will continue to play a major role in 2021.

People have become used to learning and exploring through live broadcasts as a means of satisfying their social interaction and engagement needs. Thus, one of our top recommendations for company in 2021 based on social media trends...

At the very least once a week, go live on social media! Additionally, add a call to action at the conclusion that sells your audience something useful.

2. Give Something Away for Free

Apart from developing connections, one of the most important consequences of having a social media presence is list building. When you utilize social media to promote your business, you may leverage your call to action to grow your list. Free offerings aid in this procedure. Selling something valued does not necessarily imply a financial transaction. Your list is priceless—a goldmine of potential new clients and revenue.

Individuals will share contact information in order to get something of worth. For instance, not everyone has the time or inclination to read every word of your blog articles. A excellent summary of a blog piece, or access to a hidden page of your site that contains summaries of your most important blog articles, may pique the interest of some of your prospects.

Other complimentary offerings may include the following:

  • Access to conference slides
  • Comprehensive guidelines and tutorials
  • Views from the backstage
  • Reports that are completely free
  • Additionally

3. Utilize Video to Demonstrate Your Brand's Personality

Excellent news! With videos, there is still lots of opportunity to grow your online presence, acquire an audience, and foster loyalty. Additionally, before you say, "Indeed? Isn't YouTube's market already saturated? "reconsider.

True. YouTube has expanded at an exponential rate and continues to be the most popular video platform. However, opportunities for branding through personality-driven content exist. Your distinct personality—the way you interact with your audience—sets you apart and enables you to stand out. Therefore, be genuine, be yourself, and have fun! Utilize videos to locate and expand your tribe!

Additionally, do not stop at YouTube. Create a niche for yourself on other video networks. Here's a starting list!

  • IGTV
  • Instagram Reels
  • Twitter Fleets - NEW in 2021!
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

4. Utilize Carousels on LinkedIn and Instagram to Stand Out

Let's continue to push forward with engaging, movement-focused content ideas towards 2021 social media trends in marketing! Why settle for static LinkedIn postings when carousels can spice things up? That is correct! You now have the ability to create and share engaging slide presentations! These enable you to differentiate yourself from the flood of text-based LinkedIn postings and increase exposure for your business profile.

Not to be confused with LinkedIn carousel advertising, carousel posts are completely free to publish. These articles attract and pique interest via eye-catching, dynamic visual displays that take up more space in a feed. Therefore, make sure to add a strong call to action at the conclusion!

Additionally, Instagram users gain significantly from the usage of carousels in their feeds. If a person scrolls beyond the main picture, the second image appears in their feed. This provides you with a second opportunity to engage your audience.

Content Ideas for LinkedIn Carousel Posts

Statistics, infographics, and numerical representations

Frameworks and how-to instructions in a step-by-step fashion

Suggestions and lessons towards business success

Conferencing presentations and event materials

5. Excerpts from your blog / listicle post Emails and E-newsletters Remain Time-Honored Methods

Notify your audience when you publish fresh content: "This blog is now going viral!" Yes, emails and e-newsletters remain some of the most effective methods for attracting attention to your articles and blog posts. Therefore, continue to add to that list! Then, use social media to draw attention to the information that your audience wants.

To increase permission-based subscriber list opt-ins, create compelling calls to action (CTAs) that entice prospects to exchange their contact information for the advice, how-to instructions, and entertainment they value.

With so many new social media trends, determining how to optimize their effect may be challenging. Knowing that these company social media trends exist and knowing how to incorporate them into your plan are two whole different ideas!

Let's take a look at some of the ways that social media marketing may benefit your company!

6. Audio-Visual Content vs. Links

Utilize video, pictures, and audio to capture users' interest inside social media platforms rather than driving them to your published material. Social media platforms aim to retain users on their platforms so they can be influenced by marketers' efforts.

Naturally, you want people to access your material and join up for your free offers. Here is a straightforward approach for social media trends in 2021: Consider posting your URL in the first comment under your article!

7. Interact with Your Tribe on Social Media Through Comments

Respond promptly to comments on your social media material. If someone takes the time to interact with you on social media, wouldn't it make sense to keep them engaged? After all, that is the purpose!

Allow no unsupervised comments on your posts. When you abandon your prospects, you risk losing their interest entirely. If you connect with them, you increase the likelihood of further interactions, which results in relationships, trust, and sales!

8. Timing Is Everything

Traffic to your social media post is highly dependent on the first ten minutes of the hour in which it is published. Tag friends and spread the word to boost traffic flow, particularly if the event is being streamed live. If you're going to perform a weekly live broadcast, schedule it on the same day and time each week. Thus, your audience may incorporate it into their daily routines.

Are you going to host a one-time live stream? Distribute the message many times in advance through different routes. Promote your event in advance through emails, e-newsletters, and social media postings. If you have ties with individuals who support your work, leverage those connections and solicit their assistance in spreading the news.

9. The Influence of Comments and Bookmarks on Social Media

Curating useful material is one of your duties to your audience. Your audience, regardless of industry, comes on you for advice, knowledge, and resources. Because you cannot produce everything, you must seek out trustworthy sources for information to distribute. Social bookmarking sites enable you to do just that!

And as social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram) flirt with the notion of eliminating likes, users will need to discover other methods to express their approval of content they liked or found useful.

Instagram is perhaps one of the most popular visual-centric social media trends for company and has grown in popularity as a marketing tool. Encourage users to bookmark your Instagram photos to increase brand recognition (instead of merely "liking" them). Incorporate a call to action into both the picture and the text. A simple "Bookmark this!" would suffice.

How else might these savings help your business?

Seven Advantages of Social Media Bookmarking

Save and categorize materials that you'd want to concentrate on later.

Distribute resources to members of your team or audience.

Label (categorize) material to facilitate reference and searchability.

Create backlinks to your website from social media bookmarks.

Increase website traffic. (Users discover and click on information that has been saved to their bookmarking sites by others.)

Promote other people's mentions of you (bookmark articles that mention you and your content).

Utilize SEO. (Search engines often include bookmarks in their results.)

10. Pose Questions in Social Media Posts to Increase Engagement

Want to increase social media conversation and engagement? To facilitate communication, keep in mind the power of the question. Make it engaging. It would be beneficial if you presented a challenging question that encourages others to express their perspectives. A general "yes/no" inquiry such as "Agree?" does not elicit debate.

Examples of Encouraging Discussion Questions

I'm intrigued. Have you have a tale to tell about your encounters with ? (Complete the blank.)

How has helped you? (Complete the blank.)

When was the last time you did anything like ? (Complete the blank.)

Which of the following is your favorite memory of ? (Complete the blank.)

Do you believe there is a possibility that will occur? How did you arrive at that conclusion? (Complete the blank.)

11. Ego Bait

I'm aware that's a very loaded phrase. However, consider this. Influencers and business leaders like their time in the limelight. They would not be influencers if they did not. In your post, tag one or more influencers and invite them to share.

12. Commerce through Social Media

Social media has grown in importance as a factor in consumer purchasing decisions. Additionally, some sites have included shopping carts to profit on this new social media trend. Without ever leaving the social media site, your consumers may research and purchase your goods and services.

Again, social media companies encourage people to remain as long as possible on their platforms. Please feel free to use the resources they provide. This is a win-win situation for both you and the platform.

13. Humanized Brands: The Authenticity Advantage

Finally, you may have been aware of this increasing tendency. Individuals place a premium on openness and honesty in their relationships—and that value is extending to their attitudes about the businesses they support.

According to the experts' forecasts for social media marketing trends in 2021, your audience wants to know who you are and what you stand for. Additionally, companies that are socially aware are regarded more positively by their consumers.

Lean within and let your light to shine. Inform others about your experiences. You are who you are, and a tribe is eager to meet you and your company!


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